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How to apply Winged Eyeliner

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A few simple tricks can help you win the game of winged eyeliner. Learn how to create dramatic wing lines, flicks, and wide-set eyes. This look is very easy to do! Follow these guidelines, and you'll be able to create the look you're going for in no time! Find out how to do it! Do not forget to share your findings with your friends.

Techniques to create a winged look with eyeliner

Applying winged eyeliner can give you a dramatic look. First, it is important to understand that there are several ways to create wings. The angle of a wing depends on the shape of your hooded eyelid, the outer corner of your eyebrow, and the edge of your nostril. The wing should be as high and as slightly as possible, but not too high. For a more lifted look, the wing should always extend up. Applying the wing to your face with a mirror is advisable. Trace the wing with a firmer grip.

After you've achieved the perfect shape, add some dimension using a felt tip eyeliner. For best results, you should only use a very small amount of liquid eyeliner. Finish by applying mascara and eyeshadow. Then blend the product with a brush. False lashes can also be added to enhance the drama of your wing eyeliner.

Create a flick

First, use a base line to guide you when creating a winged flick with eyeliner. Begin by drawing an outline of the lower lash line. Move upwards. The bottom line should extend at a 45-degree angle to the eyelid. This will give you a more flattering and lifted look. You can trace the flick using a steady hand.

Liquid eyeliner is another tip to create a wing. You can create a outline using liquid eyeliner by first drawing it with a pencil. After that, use a light angle line to fill in any gaps. Don't go too far beyond the line. Otherwise, you will end with a messy wing. Apply liquid eyeliner with a cotton tip. Wipe off excess using a moist cotton tip.

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Creating a dramatic wing

Be sure to follow your natural eye shape when applying liquid liner. Do not make your eyeliner appear too thin or straight. A piece of tape can be helpful in this regard. For sensitive skin, a piece of newspaper can also be helpful. The final step is to connect the lower lash line with the top lash line to create a dramatic wing. Once you have completed this step, you are ready to apply the liquid liner.

Start by taking a small piece of tape and tracing it from your inner corner to your upper lash line. You will then need to trace a small circle from the tape's edge to the brow bone. To prevent the tape from ripping through your skin, you should press it against it very hard. Apply eyeliner and a thin line to your upper lip.

Creating a winged eyeliner for wide-set eyes

It is best to use thicker liners for the outer corners. A thin line can cause the line to fall out of the eyelids and not stick. This can be avoided by making sure your outer corner of your cateye has more liner that one eye. If the outer corner is thin, you'll look like you're wearing too much liner, and the inner corner won't have the shape you want.

You can use a pencil to outline wide-set eyelids. Use it along the lashline. This technique is also known as the "outside in" liner technique. It involves drawing a straightline starting from the outer corner and ending at the center of the upper eyelash line. As you move, your eyes will be directed downwards. Next, you fill in the rest of the eyelid, keeping the liner as close to the lash line as possible.

Monolids: Make a winged liner with eyeliner

If you have a small lid space, called a monolid, then you can still create a winged eyeliner look. To emphasize the eye's shape, line the upper lash line using short, feathery strokes. Begin by lining the inner corner of the eye, then tapering it outward to the eyebrow. To create a sharp wing, fill in the upper lashline.

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Make sure you choose a liquid eyeliner that is quick drying. This way, you won't have to wait hours for the color to set. Also, choose a waterproof eyeliner to prevent smudging. First aid tape is recommended for best results by Victoria Stiles (celeb MUA, creative director at ShikSona Beauty), Place the tape below your lower lash line, and then angle it up towards your temples.

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How to apply Winged Eyeliner